Domain transfer between administrators within

by admin

One blog I arranged the sale of its domains and sites, where the entire list received only sell domain much for 10 bucks So was the buyer’s account in, where, in fact, and should transfer the domain. The process is simple enough for him to use the so-called code domain (just like in the zone com). So, for the transfer of the domain to another administrator within you need:

Log into your account in the menu “My Orders” – “domain name management”, which receive a “Domain Code” (listed in the order details). Pass this code to the new administrator.

That, in turn, comes from the menu “Transfer Domain” on this page, enter the desired domain and the corresponding code. After that, the domain will be transferred to the new administrator account.

That is so easy and convenient! I really do not know exactly what happens with Nic-handle – it changes automatically or later have to deal with the matter further since. support.

In any case, I think, nothing complicated about it will not be because the connection is sufficient for e-mail and do not need to bother with any of notaries.